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Who We Are
Quality & Safety assertion
Our Team
India Advantage
1. Cheaper Labor Costs at about 60% lower than current manufacturing hubs in China
2. Availability of Skilled Labor from Garment Sector
3. Healthy gross margins for Customers
Strategic Strengths
1. Unique combination of Supply Chain from China, due to existing factory in China and existing supplier base
2. Technology Transfer from China with Existing Production Staff for more than one and half decade
3. Design Department & Trend Analysis Teams
Resulting Into
1. Every Day Low Cost
2. Every Day Low Price
3. End Consumer Saves Money
Other cost saving Features
Third Party Labs and Audit Firms : ITS, SGS, BV and Others At lower prices than globally prevailing costs
jCarousel Examples
  • 25' Feb 2015
    GMR To Develop India's Largest Toy Hub in Kakinada
    GMR To Develop India's Largest Toy Hub in Kakinada.
  • 21' Oct 2015
    The Chinese firms opening factories in India
    These soft toys, made in an Indian factory by a Chinese firm, will be exported to the US.
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