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Who WE Are?
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Quality & Safety assertion
Pals Plush makes each & every toys keeping the safety of your child in mind. All materials used are non- toxic. UV tunnel helps the toy to be bacteria free. Pals Plush primary function is to produce quality toys, innovative original designs, and meet the value-added and perceived price points needed in today’s marketplace.

With their innovative hopes to the future, Pals Plush shall always stand to continue to provide their customers with high quality products with competitive pricing and at the same time expanding their product lines, licenses and proprietary products with a thought of best meeting the needs of their customers.

Pals Plush through product, performance and service provide adorable , reasonably priced plush toy creations that are simply alluring.
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  • 25' Feb 2015
    GMR To Develop India's Largest Toy Hub in Kakinada
    GMR To Develop India's Largest Toy Hub in Kakinada.
  • 21' Oct 2015
    The Chinese firms opening factories in India
    These soft toys, made in an Indian factory by a Chinese firm, will be exported to the US.
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